Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinner is served!

Suilad! :)
I'm making dinner. It's Roast Chicken, Yum! Since I'm Vegan I'm not having it, -huge bummer- but it's still fun to make. Nathan came upstairs and said, "Gosh! That smells good!", that's sweet of him! :) I have this dreadful feeling that because I'm not eating meat I'll make something that tastes awful and no one will tell me. ;P He he, that would be funny and really horrible! :D

I have a random statement to make: Literature Rocks! I love it! You get to read, write, and while you're at it you get to express you opinion in big fancy words! How awesome is that? So much cooler than math, math is horrible and needs to solve it's own problems because I have my own (yes Lauren, that was on your blog but I had seen it before). :):) I also like the vocabulary mommy gave us to work on, it's cool and it's similar to spelling but a little more complicated.

That's it folks!


Friday, August 27, 2010


One of the many things I take pleasure in is jumping. It's so fun! This is a super small clip of Cricket and I. Literally, like 7 seconds. It was taken from as stand-still so please don't critique, I'm not perfect. Cricket and I are improving quite quickly and you can fully expect us to be much better if not perfect at something in a week.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

...with you holding my hand...


Sut naa lle? I'm doing well. "Around here normal is just a setting on the dryer", then the dryer broke. There seems to be a normalness about the non-normal, everyday life! :)

Cricket and I played a bit with Freestyle and some Online today. Mostly Freestyle at about 10:30 am, it was fun and it wasn't hot yet, it's 90 right now. We need to work on doing things faster since we already know them slow and right. There is one thing that still needs teaching before we film, I think it will be the hardest, simple lead changes. They're not hard because of the lead change, but that they ask you to do it in a bow-tie/figure eight pattern. So, yeah. Cool cool cool! (<---Ah! The heat!)

Amin naa tualle.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's going to be a good day! :)

So I woke up 5:20, that was only a few minutes ago. In the early hours of morning, my brain turns on and when people start waking up and moving around it wakes me up and seems to say, "Hey! It'd be really useful if you got up early now and did some school and got ahead in the day!" It always seems to seem like a good reason to get up so I usually do. I think it's something I unconsciously taught myself. It's weird 'cause I love getting up early and it makes me cheerful (or more cheerful, I'm not a very 'uncheerful' person). I'm also really surprised by another thing, I love to stay up late and my brain will still wake me up even if I've been late in going to bed. Just to top all that off, I'm a really heavy sleeper and if my brain is still dreaming, it won't wake me up. Strange, I am very strange.

So, I hope your day is as good as mine is going to be! :):)

Vanya Sulie!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Becoming a Horseman

Westu Hal, Rohirrim! 

How goes it? All is well here. Abby is back, I think that makes most of it well. I really missed her and I think I won't be having any nightmares now shes home. 

I watched the second half of the Parelli Live Celebration DVD, it was a great inspiration. I am really excited to go to the pasture with the new mind set I've been given. I wish more people had the zeal and the knowledge that is shared with me on a regular basis, it's a amazing blessing. I'm more motivated to become a horseman now that I've seen more. 

Cricket is doing lovely. She never stops amazing me, no one will ever be able to captivate me in the same way she does. I've learned much in the past month about patience and having a huge dream that can still remain semi-realistic. 

Life's a climb, but the view's great! 

Tasks we are working on: 

Trotting smooth circles
Flying Lead changes 
Simple Lead changes (bowtie) 
Freestyle trailer loading
And so much more! 

Vanya sulie! 


Friday, August 13, 2010

Level 4

Westu Hal, Rohirrim!

Yes, Level 4. A place I never thought I'd be.

Liberty (without a rope)-- just about done, only 4 tasks that are still challenging us.

Finesse (collection)-- I'm trying not to do very much here yet. I'm waiting 'till I can afford a Cradle bridle, that will be a while.

Online (with a rope)-- 9 tasks left 'till filming, there are 24 tasks in all. There is still a lot I need to do. I want us to be able to do everything on the self assessments.

 Freestyle (casual riding)-- 18 tasks, 9 that I can do.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raise your hand if...

...you have the coolest brothers around! *raises hand* Nathan cleaned out the stalls and filled in the holes! How cute/funny/sweet is that?!!! :):):) <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All kinds

People will use all kinds of bits to get a horse to pick up it's shoulder! *YOUCH!* I wonder if there is a proper way to use a piece of equipment like this.. I think not... 


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Balance and Excellence

Nae saian luume', 

Raise your hand if you've asked your horse to do something you can't do. *raising hand*. I have been asking Cricket for balance, that is even hard for me. So what I did the past week is work on my balance as well; bending over backwards and coming back up, cartwheels, stretching, walking along the top board of the fence, etc. Getting my drift? These are things that require strength and balance that I can now fairly ask Cricket for. No, I don't want Cricket to do a cartwheel or a back flip, I just want more flexibility in our rides. 

So Rachel got back from Scotland this weekend and she was picked up at the airport by us, we also watched The Fellowship of the Ring- which is unrelated to this post. We were going to go ride of course, so I put on Abby's saddle with two shims. This was Rachel's first ride in the saddle, she told me it felt really weird and new. This was good because I'd like bareback to be normal for her. Cricket really quickly stretched into the saddle and was putting her head down, I was really happy. Then Rachel asked me what Finesse was because she'd heard about it here. As I was explaining to her about mental/emotional/physical collection I started to side-pass in zig-zags and Cricket was all the above! I was really happy with how well she did and went inside at the end a very happy horseman. 

Are you being fair with what you ask of the horses you train/play with/ride? What is your flexibility compared to your horse? Are you going the extra mile to strive for excellence, grace, and rhythm to match your horse? 

Vanya sulie!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coming True....

... Need I say more? This jump is 3 feet.

Thank you followers!

Thank you to all my readers for making this blog successful! I have reached 20 followers, thank you.

There will be many more posts to come.... :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

A life long apprenticeship


the fact or state of excelling; superiority; eminence.
an excellent quality or feature

I am 13 years old, unable to go to a university yet. Today I was talking to a certain Parelli student working at Parelli Central. I asked her what I should do in the extra time between now and being old enough to become an instructor. She said (I do not quote) bring other horses to level 3- do everything with *excellence*. Not just horses! Gain experience, use your time well and wisely.

Right now, it seems as though it's a dragging weight. Excellence is something that takes time and feats- equally. The Parelli University Program will take money that I do not have, I could only earn this place. Knowledge is something that I crave, like reading. I seek it and apply it as best I can. I have a never quenched thirst for learning. I am an apprentice, one who will never stop learning. I am soaking up knowledge and the more I do the more I learn there is so much more! Can it be true? 

I by 18, I will be "ahead of the game". I am not focused on being "ahead of the game" at this point. Right now, I am striving for excellence and working at my life long apprenticeship. 



I almost died

I just about had a heart attack 2 mins ago, I thought the horses had gotten loose. Thank goodness it was a false alarm.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why is it???

Why is it that your hair only behaves at the end of the day rather than the morning and when you need it to? This is driving me nuts!
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Religious beliefs of the Inheritance Cycle

The one thing that 'causes me it love the Lord of the Rings elves, infinitely more than the Inheritance Cycle elves, is that the Lord of the Rings elves have firm belief in their Gods and are absolutly positive that they exist and created the Universe. The Inheritance elves are, for lack of a better term, Atheists. Godless, yet have a high moral standing in the races of Alaegasia. The reason I like Arya so much is that she is still finding her standing on this issue and yet she still does not wholly agree with the Dwarfs. The Dwarfs believe in a few Gods and are dedicated to them.

Yet I firmly hate the idea of Arya being an Atheist, it drives me up the wall.

Christopher Paolini has not yet turned Eragon himself in any direction yet on this issue, I think that Christopher must be a lot like Eragon, there are a lot a parallels that come through in Eragon and his own character. I, therefore, am firmly set and think that what ever way that Christopher turns Eragon is the way he believes in. God, or no God.

I am currently reading Brisingr, 3rd book in the Inheritance Cycle. I am waiting for the fourth one to come out, yes, it has been confirmed that there will be a fourth.