Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's been happening lately..

OK y'all, I'm really sorry for not keeping up with this blog, but things get busy around here..

School started and Abby on down are taking online classes with Veritas press. I'm taking Latin, Biology, Omnibus 1 primary and secondary.

All the animals are fine. Boppie had to find a new home, we needed to find some new homes for some of the doggies. It's very sad! :'(

Cricket is still working on Cantering on a circle. I'm trying not to get stuck on one thing, but this will need to happen before moving on to level 3.

I have not found a lot of time to ride Leah (sorry Em!), but Abby and I went on a ride in the pen and raced around (I won..).

Bye for now..


PS. Doesn't Cricket look adorable in this picture? :)

PPS. I won't be keeping up very well with this blog but, you'll have to just write me or something and say, "Priscilla, wake up! You need to write a blog post!"... LOL

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Since Priscilla so kindly invited me to contribute, I thought I better write something, so...yeah. Ummmm, well, that's it really. I'll try and post again soon, though it does take a while to think up compositions like this.