Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm going!!

I'm going to Pagosa springs! First time ever!

Of course, it's to go to the Parelli Campus. I'm going to the Level 3/4 refining the 4 savvies course. I'm leasing a horse from a friend, he's super. He and she are super stars together. I'm honored to have him for 2 weeks. :)

Ekks! This is SUPERB!!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

me and mine

So I vigorously wandered the not so far distance to the horse pen, saddle in one hand, halter and 22' line in the other. Purpose: have fun and get a little closer to that level 3.

As I haltered Aravis, I felt that heavy 22' rope and thought... "Hey, why not the feather-light rope?" So the rope I got.

She was PERFECT.

The feather-light line is a long, 22' savvy string. Everything was excellent. She did her sideways, circling, back up, weave pattern... all with excellence and without heaviness. All light. I was THRILLED. That kind of thrill that lasts to the present moment.

I rode her back and I remain thrilled, just as I've stated above

Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving on, moving on...

I've been encouraged to take a course this summer at the Parelli campus... so I am!

I'm taking the Level 3/4 Refining the four savvies course. I SO stoked! It's June 18-29

Aravis and I plan to audition for our Level 3 Online before we go... and pass... She is SO cool. Everyone agrees.

Things we need to work on and what level I want them at before we leave:

Trailer loading- Level 3
Circles- Level 3
Sideways- Level 3
Transistions- Level 3
Sideways riding- Level 2
Freestyle patterns- Level 2
Liberty- Level 2

SOO fun!