Thursday, August 25, 2011

Horses again....

Ya'll know the first horse I told you about in the last post? Yes, the gelding that was backing and bucking through the hotwalker... I was all set up to bring him home and the last thing was the vet check..

Well, he wasn't completely sound [healthy]. He was off on his flexion test with the vet. It was... disapointing.

But you know what? This means there's something better that God has in mind for me!

So, now I'm just continuing the search and thinking that maybe I'll try visiting some local horse rescues..

Westu Hal, Rohirrim!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Okay... Here I go again... Horses I saw... And... Loved?!

I went to a fairground today with Mommy and Daddy to look at some ex-race Thoroughbreds. Hmm... How interesting! In three words, here's what I'm looking for: Tall. Dark. Handsome. :)

I started with a 3 year old filly. She was sweet.... Not quite what I wanted. She had very little "go" but I liked her sweetness. Next. :)

The next was a 6 year old mare, raced 8 times, won once. Sweet... but only a little more "go" than the Filly.

Next was a 17+ hand gelding. He raced 85 times... Uhh.... mmmm.... Cool horse.... To many times racing... not much "go"!


I think I've fallen in love with two horses!! I'm thinking, "Girl, get your act together and be fair to the guys!" (both are geldings) :)

First Gelding... Wow.

The owner told me I need to keep the stud chain on him, "Just in case"... "Haha.. Okay?" I figured out -about 3 mins later- why. He LOVES to go? Yeah.. That's an understatement. He was a complete rock star and he knew it. I was standing in the middle of a circle with him galloping around me, adding some bucks in there, and I was just flying the kite! Daddy was afraid for me, tried to be a sheild, and told me that I was the kite- not the horse... he he.. Before I even started playing with him, he was in the hotwalker, walking backwards and bucking at the same time... Hmm... Me likie! He was bucking dirt clods 50' away from him... Tall, Dark, and Handsome discribed him.

Second Gelding.... Another wow!

He was a lot like the first gelding expect he was less Left brained, had more of a sweetness about him and a "I never want to be wrong" attitude. Also had a stud chain. Also was being crazy in the hot walker. He runs BEAUTIFULLY. When he's unsure about something, he looks a little arab-like.. Very pretty. No bucking while I "played" with him. But he did buck and rear in the hotwalker.. Ekk... scary...

The last two were the only ones on edge and CRAZY. Really really really really cool horses.

I found that fact that mommy moved her lawn chair back to avoid the dirt clods funny.. They like to go.. YES!

SO HARD TO THINK.. I really really really really liked them... (does trying to find a good name for them mean you're in love?)


PS. Yes, I'm feeling a bit raw and on happy adrenaline. :)

PPS. I'm going to see two more horses within the next 3 days... Keeping my cool. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My very good [horse] friend down the road re-cracked her ribs and can't do much regarding her horses without hurting herself. So we made a deal.

She said she'll give me this beautiful pair of practically new tall boots (they originally costed more the $175) if I would come over 2-3 times a week for a month or so and ride her fantastic and well behaved horses. I love her horses, she has an amazing relationship with each of them-- and she has six! She's a very inspiring person and she's helped me with many issues and concerns... :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is it?

You guys are probably wondering right now.. "Well if these horses aren't what she's looking for, what is she looking for?"

Well. Here goes.

A Thoroughbred or Warmblood breed is preferred- but I'm open to something else with the rest of my criteria.

An evenly built animal is preferred, doesn't have to be well muscled out as I can do that myself. 

16 hands or more is a must.

Under 9-10 years old is mandatory. No, I don't think a horse of 10 years or older is an old nag.. Horses can stay quite fit and healthy into their late 20's. It's mostly for training and time reasons, I want most of the horse's experience to be with me.

I'd like the Horsenality to be more Extroverted and have some go.

Color doesn't matter right now but I don't want a Grey or white because they get skin cancer really easily in Tuscon.

And of course, we have to click. There has to be a natural attraction and I have to be in love with it. I can't afford a horse I don't love. :)

So... That's it!


The more I see...

.... the more I want to take them all home. Yes, horses!

I've seen three more horses.. I liked all of them but they weren't quite what I was looking for.

"Bo" was a complete sweet heart. He's a Thoroughbred. His pros: willing, confident. His cons: shorter than what I'm looking for (15.3 hands) and something seemed wrong in his stride. Hmmm... COOL HORSE!!

"Victor" (aka. Visions of Victory)... was VERY hard to think about turning down. He's an Arabian. He was SO perfect... just not for me. His pros are almost to many to count. GORGEOUS. Out of national champion parents. Liked to go. Wonderful stride. The cons: he's only a yearling and there's a strong possibility that he won't grow quite as much  as I want.

"Cash".. Loved this Thoroughbred, he actually looked more like a Warmblood. I wanted to take him home right off. He had a great head start in the direction I'm going (Parelli Professionalism, dressage and jumping). He was not in a Natural horsemanship home but he was in a place that treated him more natural than they probably knew. Wonderful environment. GREAT HORSE.... He just didn't want to go as much as I'd wish... :) *sigh*

There's a price to being as picky as I am. You have to turn down some amazing horses. You have to be firm. You have to hold yourself back and wait for everything to be right. You MUST trust that God has the right thing for you out there and he might surprise you. :)

I have pictures of these horses and I'll upload maybe later..

Westu hal, Rohirrim! Quel fara!!