Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shay..... We didn't really click...

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The hunt

Went to see another horse today. We didn't click. She
was even LESS energy than Cricket (LBI), VERY pushy and a ton of work.
I have pictures and she's a real looker, super pretty horse... I'll post them sometime. She was cool enough I guess but I don't want another low energy horse. Much less a low energy Thoroughbred. :)

I'm going to see another horse this afternoon. It's a bay Thoroughbred gelding.

 I also bought 2 saddles today. They're Wintec brand and I got them
for 50 bucks each. Usually 600. I like them a lot and it was a great
deal. :)

I'll write more later including pics of me on the mare... 

Westu hal!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I was just outside and I'd just finished feeding Cricket, I leaned up against her shade and closed my eyes.

When I opened them. My hands and fingers looked different and yet, they were the same. The mountains looked different. The sky looked different. That's because I was looking at them. I was looking at what was surrounding me and that moment. I had walked outside, fed Cricket, and didn't even look around. It was almost as though I was asleep.

I felt like living is a gift and existing is a curse.

Then I had a big picture moment. Am I glorifying God and enjoying him? Since I woke up from my nap, I was asleep, I was going through life as though it were a habit and not a new beginning. We need to be awake and alive in the moments and breaths God gives us.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


I went to see 'Tye', the horse in the previous post today, it was really fun. She's a 16h, off track, Thoroughbred mare. She. was. STUNNING. She was also very left brained which was not the impression the owner gave me through email and pictures. She was both introverted and extroverted and was an effortless mover. When I got on (which was after I played quite a bit on the ground) and rode her I was bareback and in a halter, her trot was smooth but she had HUGE strides. I played with her in the round pen first and I saw that she maintained gait really well but her mind wasn't on me. I decided to let her in the arena and watch her run. WOW. She is fast, and she moves at top speed like it's NOTHING and she was totally left brained about it. She raced 4 times in Prescott and won every race but she got bored of it.. LOL. She's got a Monstrous canter, really great ride. VERY big strides. On the ground I tried asking her over a pole on the ground and she totally cleared it, such an over achiever. When I asked her over the barrels, she ran through them. Typical race horse habit. 

I really really liked this horse but I have at least 5 more that mom wants me to look at. She insists that I look at at least 5 before making a decision. :)

I didn't really know if you guys would want to hear about the horse hunt but I decided to write anyways. :)


PS. I was very stupid and didn't bring a camera.. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finding the next partner

Westu hal!

Sorry for not writing on here in so long. I've been very busy.

Cricket is doing very well. My pony actually likes me. She deserves someone much better than me but me is who she's got! She talks to everyone and is the best greeting committee ever, she loves to meet new people and she runs to meet me.  

I've missed writing on here but the main reason is because my key board is broken. It's okay, right now I'm typing on Ian's computer. (Thank you, Ian!)

I'm searching for another partner to take through the levels again and to give Cricket some more company. I'm going to meet the first horse in this search tomorrow. She's an 8 year old, off the race track, dark bay, Thoroughbred mare.

Her add said she had "a lot of power" and "needs and experienced handler". Perfect!

image 3

Likes to go..

image 1

As you can see in the pictures above, she wants to go and is pushing past the horse and human all the time. Extroverted? I think so.

image 0

She looks tense and a bit Right brained but I'm so willing to help her gain confidence. Cricket and I are both so ready for another horse. These pictures are of her in her winter coat.

This is just one horse. Mommy said that I need to see at least 5 horses before I choose one, she wants to make sure I don't make a hasty decision. Cricket was a very hasty and impulsive decision but also one of the best.

So, as I typed this I was listening to a song in my playlist by Ludovico Einaudi, it's called "Berlin Song". Go listen to it, it's great. Love that song.

I will talk you ya'll later and thanks for reading.