Friday, March 29, 2013

If you can believe it, a lot can change in a week... or less!

Aravis is off the hook and out of commission right now. She's having some tendon and ligament strain due to some bone alignment in her front feet. The vet came and did x-rays, she'll need corrective shoeing, stall rest, cold hosing, and hand-walking. I'm optimistic in spite of it all. God really is in control, this seems like such a strange road and I didn't envision it but here I am. Things aren't easy and why I ever expected them to be is beyond me.

In the mean time, I'm going to be riding Rene's horses. She's my instructor and she's been so supportive and helpful!

So my journey has taken a surprising and easily frustrating road but I'm curious about the future. :)

I keep thinking about how when you trust God, you don't have fears about the future, only hope.


(Jeremiah 29:11)

Monday, March 25, 2013

The lights won't go out....

...on this blog. And I'm sorry it's been forever. Well, that is if you feel some months are forever!

With the words of Samwise Gamgee, "I'm back!"

My time has been filled with school and... you probably know already, my obsession, horses. Or should I say horse (singular). Aravis!

Yes. I've been advised by my wise mentor Rene' to put "miles" on Aravis, savvy miles. As a young horse, she needs to be "seasoned", she needs experience. Usually this is accomplished by a consistent routine that challenges her mentally, emotionally and physically.

The Parelli Patterns are very useful in most any routine with a horse. I've been doing follow the rail, I'm going to continue this pattern until we can walk, trot and canter the rail without me using my reins. So far it's coming along well, she getting stronger and the reins are rarely touched.

We're really going to start working on getting her right lead stronger.

You might be wondering how following a rail is mentally, emotionally and physically challenging.

It challenges her mentally because she has to be responsible and make it her job to keep the continuity. She is challenged emotionally with the changes of pace (transitions). It is challenging physically because she rides the rail for an hour every morning, it'll get longer the stronger she is.

I must end now... This is all I can write today. Things to do.

'Till next time,