Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In two days...

Aravis has gone from a real dislike of the bridle and bit.... to trying to bridle herself!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life of late....


So you're probably wondering where I've been and why I haven't written lately.

Well, school, horses, work, writing... etc..

School is going well, I cracked Saxon Algebra 2 to see if I was ready for it. I could understand it so that sent me over the moon for a day or two. Math is so horrid, I don't like it. There's no space for imagination.

Aravis has some proud flesh that is still recovering. She's doing well. I took her out on a small ride with a friend and I just had the halter and feather-light line. She did very well and she's such a leader and adventurer. She had a lot of energy and was still leaving a lot of slack in the line as she got her gallops and bucks out. We have a MUCH stronger bond since she's been hurt, we just live in companionship.

Cricket is great. I love her lightness, responsiveness, partnership, harmony..... and trust. She laid down twice with my friend on her... she wanted to roll in the sand! :) She's not done that before. We got to get really close to her and lay her out flat. It was amazing. So many people think she's a slug, but with me, we can do amazing things that people only dream of. "You wait for rain.... and I chase the stars..." (Kyler England) We're amazing opposites that have met in the middle.

Work is going well....

Writing! I've been somewhat lax in the past few days in adding to my stories but it's been great.

I have a wonderful trip coming up!!! I'm going to Virginia from the 3rd-13th! 10 days with friends and family. I'm so looking forward to it.

I miss you guys... those who I'm writing for and to.


Psalm 66:20
"Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!"

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Before you speak...


T- is it true?
H- is it helpful?
I- is it inspiring?
N- is it necessary? 
K- is it kind?

I'm going to try to do this more... not just when I speak... but when I write, on here and in my stories. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

just a wish....

New goal!!

Attend the fast track fall 2013. I'm about saved up. :)

.... you know me though.... :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

time without demand

About a week ago, Aravis got a small cut on her fetlock and the next morning she cut it open more. Providentially, the vet was coming out anyways to look at a small access (which turned out to be taking care of itself) and he looked at the cut and it was infected and had Cellulitis! He put her on antibiotics and had us changing the bandage every 24 hours. It was quite serious but it's doing a lot better now.  

I think our bond has grown more in the past week she's been unworkable than she and I have since I got her. 

Tried a new thing with Aravis. I grabbed the support bar on the horse's shade and hung there as she walked out from under me then dropped behind her and she didn't mind! Yay! (now *both* my ponies can do this!)

She and I are growing closer....


These pictures inspire me.... (but they don't belong to me)

Monday, January 2, 2012


What I want to do this year horse wise

  • Pass Level 3 Liberty with Cricket (she's so ready)
  • Pass Level 2 Online with Aravis
  • Pass Level 2 Freestyle with Aravis
  • Build Aravis to be mentally, emotionally, and physically rounded
  • Do lots more Patterns with Aravis and have them down as a strong foundation for her Level 3
  • Learn more about equine massage
  • Take more workshops, clinics, studies, etc
  • Start giving more lessons
  • Develop a stronger bond with Aravis
  • Take Aravis on frequent walks
  • Ride with Rene more
  • Take a Parelli Lesson every other week
  • Improve my jumping
  • Go to play dates and obstacle exposure things with Aravis
If you're wondering if I've passed Level 2, I have. With Cricket. Not with Aravis. Aravis is still playing in Level 1.