My Teachers

Aravis [Rohvanion Tarkaan] (named after Aravis from The Chronicles of Narnia) is the newest member to the herd, joining September 29, 2011. She's a 15.3 hand, 3 year old, Left Brain Extrovert, race-bred, appendix-quarter horse. She's a very fast learner and is playing in Level 1/2. She is dominant but is subtle about it. She can be bi-polar at times but is balanced and level headed without needing much help from me. She's a wonderfully clean slate that I, Lord willing, plan to specialize in Hunter jumper and Dressage with. 

Cricket was my first Level's horse that I got when I was 8 years old. It was green on green but we've survived. She was a very challenging horse for the young, impatient child that I was (and still am at times!). I needed Parelli very badly, I needed to understand how she thought. She was the guinea pig, poor thing. We've been through rain or shine, easy and hard, thick and thin. I have the fondest memories with her, I have endless hours upon hours logged and un-logged, all spent with her. I know her like the back of my hand and yet, I've only scratched the surface. She's a 7 year old, Left Brain Introverted, 12.2 hand, Halfinger mare. I plan to do demos and teach her driving. She's already proven to be a great teacher to children and adults alike! She's that horse you can just about trust with your life.