Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not quite sure what to write but I guess this is a start.

Sometimes when writing is hard I do bullet points:

1) We bought a new truck, a 2013 GMC Sierra; what'a sweet ride...
2) We've accepted an offer on our house
3) I'm riding a lot as well as trying to build leg strength
4) Aravis has been recovering well, she picked up her correct leads today and held them
5) I'm in a writers rut, haven't been able to use that side of my brain very well.
6) I have no idea what do put here... must have something to do with the writers rut.

Bye bye!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jumping (video)

This is me! Haha, yes, they're little but I'm getting stronger. This was my last round of the lesson and  the best. At one point in the lesson I actually landed behind the saddle on Finesse's loins/rump! I recovered fine and popped back into the saddle. It was the funniest feeling.

I'm so thankful for this super opportunity to learn from Casi and Finesse. :)


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oh! I rode Jehu OUT for the first time yesterday. Huge accomplishment. He was so "with" me!

Friday, June 7, 2013

quick post

This is me typing really quickly, I've only got 3% battery left on this computer and I'm dying to get in the hot tub.

Jumping has been amazing, don't know why I thought I'd maybe want my specialization to be dressage. Jumping rocks.

Also, I've been building leg, core and cardio because it's a lot of work... A little like the kind of hard work you have to do in training for Parelli Professionalism. ;) I've been clearing small oxers, cavaletti and cross rails... I came off two weeks ago! It was an amazing fall and it was SO good because I didn't feel at all bad about it, totally my fault. It wasn't humiliating either. :) Last week I had a small oxer at an awkward angle; I jumped it multiple times... and didn't fall off! I've not really had strength the refine my position a lot over the larger/trickier ones, for them just that I stayed on and didn't bump Finesse (instructor's horse) in the mouth is a relief. (Well... there was a close call as far as falling goes.)

I really love my coach, Casi Majeski; she allows me to ride and keep my Parelli principles in action. It feels great to not be criticized or have the feeling that someone's watching judgementally when I do things "differently". She does a little Parelli herself which is superb. Her horse Finesse is how every jumper should be (and sadly aren't); calm, smart, brave and athletic.

To top it all off.... I'M GETTING IN THE HOT TUB.

Aloha! (as they say at Kona-Berri.... and in Hawaii)


Friday, May 24, 2013

I rode Jehu and Aravis this morning. Jehu was a doll in comparison to our first ride, he was much more calm, connected and responsive. Aravis was a little distracted but with consistency she came back.

My jumping lesson was fun, I felt a lot of improvement and I got to "jump" a cavaletti.  ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

An interesting update!

1) Aravis is back at my house and pretty much recovered
2) I rode Jehu today and he was very good, not the "monster" (LBE)  horse I've always known
3) I have been sick and tired but am recovering
4) My jumping lesson was super and it gave me a lot to think about

Monday, May 6, 2013

I went to the tour stop and it was amazing and I was so glad that my mom and my friend, Morgan came. It was very inspiring. :)

Anyways. I had a long day and I don't have an abundance of energy left... but I will say the future is looking pretty cool. :) That's just a teaser. Pst! I'm having a jumping lesson next Thursday!

I've been informally jumping Rene's horse, Bravo and I'm quite proud of him. He's doing quite well and he gets more confident every time. But who am I kidding, he's a Left Brain Introvert and he's not built to be a stadium jumper. Hehe!

Talk later peeps!


(Psalm 103)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Going to Queen Creek tour stop!

Yes! It's gonna be great! I went to the tour stop in Lexington last year while visiting family and friends and it too was amazing!

Mom is coming and my friend Morgan. I've got a lot of people I know going as well which will be like a giant party. So looking forward to the inspiration and education of the Parelli community. :)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doing "spring cleaning" around the house has been icky but satisfying. Painting the pool fence was such a PAIN but so worth it. We finished that today. We've also repainted the front door and re-stained the back door. It's not totally finished but it's almost there.

There's a lot of knick-knack projects that Mom and me have weeded through and finished. Those were so great to get out of the way.

Towards the end of the week we're going to being cleaning up the house one room at a time.

I wish I could say more but... I can't!


Friday, March 29, 2013

If you can believe it, a lot can change in a week... or less!

Aravis is off the hook and out of commission right now. She's having some tendon and ligament strain due to some bone alignment in her front feet. The vet came and did x-rays, she'll need corrective shoeing, stall rest, cold hosing, and hand-walking. I'm optimistic in spite of it all. God really is in control, this seems like such a strange road and I didn't envision it but here I am. Things aren't easy and why I ever expected them to be is beyond me.

In the mean time, I'm going to be riding Rene's horses. She's my instructor and she's been so supportive and helpful!

So my journey has taken a surprising and easily frustrating road but I'm curious about the future. :)

I keep thinking about how when you trust God, you don't have fears about the future, only hope.


(Jeremiah 29:11)

Monday, March 25, 2013

The lights won't go out....

...on this blog. And I'm sorry it's been forever. Well, that is if you feel some months are forever!

With the words of Samwise Gamgee, "I'm back!"

My time has been filled with school and... you probably know already, my obsession, horses. Or should I say horse (singular). Aravis!

Yes. I've been advised by my wise mentor Rene' to put "miles" on Aravis, savvy miles. As a young horse, she needs to be "seasoned", she needs experience. Usually this is accomplished by a consistent routine that challenges her mentally, emotionally and physically.

The Parelli Patterns are very useful in most any routine with a horse. I've been doing follow the rail, I'm going to continue this pattern until we can walk, trot and canter the rail without me using my reins. So far it's coming along well, she getting stronger and the reins are rarely touched.

We're really going to start working on getting her right lead stronger.

You might be wondering how following a rail is mentally, emotionally and physically challenging.

It challenges her mentally because she has to be responsible and make it her job to keep the continuity. She is challenged emotionally with the changes of pace (transitions). It is challenging physically because she rides the rail for an hour every morning, it'll get longer the stronger she is.

I must end now... This is all I can write today. Things to do.

'Till next time,