Friday, June 7, 2013

quick post

This is me typing really quickly, I've only got 3% battery left on this computer and I'm dying to get in the hot tub.

Jumping has been amazing, don't know why I thought I'd maybe want my specialization to be dressage. Jumping rocks.

Also, I've been building leg, core and cardio because it's a lot of work... A little like the kind of hard work you have to do in training for Parelli Professionalism. ;) I've been clearing small oxers, cavaletti and cross rails... I came off two weeks ago! It was an amazing fall and it was SO good because I didn't feel at all bad about it, totally my fault. It wasn't humiliating either. :) Last week I had a small oxer at an awkward angle; I jumped it multiple times... and didn't fall off! I've not really had strength the refine my position a lot over the larger/trickier ones, for them just that I stayed on and didn't bump Finesse (instructor's horse) in the mouth is a relief. (Well... there was a close call as far as falling goes.)

I really love my coach, Casi Majeski; she allows me to ride and keep my Parelli principles in action. It feels great to not be criticized or have the feeling that someone's watching judgementally when I do things "differently". She does a little Parelli herself which is superb. Her horse Finesse is how every jumper should be (and sadly aren't); calm, smart, brave and athletic.

To top it all off.... I'M GETTING IN THE HOT TUB.

Aloha! (as they say at Kona-Berri.... and in Hawaii)


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